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Coconut Ezine

CoCo Nutz! was a retro newsletter published in PDF form for a couple years from 2005-2007. Edited by Mary Kramer, the newsletter came out quarterly and covered various Radio Shack Color Computer subjects, including interviews and articles.


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Date Published
CoCoNutz! E-Zine - Vol 2 Issue 2 (2006-07)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: coco, palette, pmode, colors, disk, program, color, hcolor, goto, tandy, palette register, koronis...
CoCoNuts! - Volume 3 Issue 2 (2007-05)(Kramer, Mary)[print]
Topics: coco, color, disk, drivewire, computer, programs, tandy, virtual, drive, data, color computer, fcb...
CoCo Nutz! - Volume 1 Issue 4 Rev. 1 (2005-12)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: coco, program, directory, goto, mod, dirsort, idd, leax, graphics, entries, robert gault, directory...
CoCoNuts! - Volume 3 Issue 2 (2007-05)(Kramer, Mary)[screen]
Topics: coco, color, computer, disk, drivewire, programs, virtual, drive, tandy, data, color computer,...
CoCoNutz! E-Zine (2008-03)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: data, print, polygon, coco, return, endif, goto, color, game, color computer, extended color, rem...
CoCoNutz! - Volume 2 Issue 1 (2006-03)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: coco, disk, coconutz, newsletter, game, drive, march, ldb, fcb, virtual, newsletter march, coconutz...
CoCo Nutz! - Volume 1 Issue 3 (2005-10)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: color, coco, program, mode, gime, graphics, tandy, pmode, basic, gime chip, color computer, dos...
CoCoNutz! E-Zine - Volume 3 Issue 1 (2007-02)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: coco, poke, program, file, sta, lda, disk, ldd, color, joystick, rainbow ide, lda sta, sta lda,...
CoCo Nutz! - Volume 1 Issue 2 (2005-07-08)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: coco, color, program, falk, lonnie, coordinates, computer, game, graphics, coordinate, color...
CoCo Nutz! - Volume 1 Issue 1 (2005-01-05)(Kramer, Mary)
Topics: coco, goto, program, computer, loadm, fcc, screen, return, cls, color, fcc fcc, loadm command,...